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How To Get Closed Captioning On (Or Off)

Closed captioning is a great tool for people with hearing issues, and the functionality of this television feature even extends to noisy situations or times when the volume must be kept very low. However, people who are distracted by the captions and are not having trouble hearing a television show or movie may want to turn of the feature. Learn how to turn captions on and off in order to customize caption needs for a particular experience.

Turning Captioning On

Captions are not only for people who are hard of hearing. The benefits of having captions on during a television show or movie include being able to follow a program when there is a lot of background noise in the environment and having the opportunity to watch a show when the sound might bother someone else in the room who is not watching the program.

Some people may be unaware of the usefulness of captions in this instance and have consequently not learned how to utilize this feature. Learning how to turn captions on is a relatively simple task.

To turn the captions on, the television will need to be turned on and the remote that controls television settings should be available. Press the menu button that is located on the remote in order to access the settings menu.

The name of the setting that controls captions differs according to TV model, but this setting will most often have a title related to sound control. Anyone who is having difficulty locating the correct setting option for sound controls can consult the instruction manual.

There are several different caption options available on most TVs. Select CC1 in order to have captions appear in English. Satellite receivers often require the use of the satellite remote and the preferences menu. Access the preferences menu and set closed captioning on.

Both cable boxes and satellite receivers may need to be turned off and on in order for these settings to be applied.

Turning Captioning Off

Even though captions can be helpful for those who have hearing issues or are viewing television in a situation where the sound can’t be turned up, the words at the bottom of the screen can be extremely distracted when they are not needed.

Knowing how to turn the captions off without having to take a long time to find the right menu is also essential when people with different preferences related to captions live in the same household. Some people may find captions helpful at all times, but most people find captions distracting when the audio is able to be heard clearly.

Turning captions off is a matter of accessing the same menus that are used to turn the captions on. When a cable box is being used, be sure to select the sound control menu with the menu button on the remote and select the off option for captions. With a satellite receiver, switch captions off by accessing the preferences menu and selecting the off option.

As with turning the captions on, some cable boxes or satellite receivers must be turned off for any changes in the settings to take effect.

Standard Definition vs. High Definition Captions

The remotes to be used to turn captions on and off will differ according to whether a person has a standard definition or high definition television.

– Standard definition televisions require the use of the television remote in order to change caption settings. Use the menu or settings button on the remote.

– High definition televisions require the use of the remote for the cable box or satellite receiver to change caption settings. Use the preferences button on the remote in order to access a menu to change caption settings.

Watching television with captions can be convenient when it is difficult to hear the audio, but having words appear on the screen at other times can be distracting. Learn how to turn captions on and off to get the most out of your TV.