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Compare Satellite TV Reviews: DIRECTV vs. DISH Network

Two satellite dish TV services dominate the industry — not just household names, but actively broadcasting to millions of household across the country. So how do satellite dish TV reviews rate the industry leaders head-to-head?

Reviews from Real Customers Choose DIRECTV!

DIRECTV customers are happier than DISH Network TV customers, plain and simple — and that’s not one opinion, it is collective customer satisfaction! In fact, DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction over all other cable and satellite providers. As compared to the major subscription TV cable providers: 2001-2016. 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Satellite Dish TV Reviews — Feature by Feature Breakdown:

Satellite TV Reviews
Exclusive Sports Packages Yes, including NFL SUNDAY TICKET No
The most movies in 1080p -
The same format as BluRay™
Yes No
The Most Full-Time HD Channels Over 170, 24/7 HD channels Some full-time, some part-time HD channels
Customer Satisfaction according to Satellite TV Reviews Rated higher than DISH Network and Cable Still better than Cable, but not better than DIRECTV

How Does DIRECTV Compare to the Largest Cable Companies?

Millions of new customers have switched from cable to DIRECTV service — and if you’ve seen DIRECTV reviews it’s no surprise why. But you don’t need to comb through countless online reviews to realize traditional cable can’t compete. DIRECTV is the next evolution in home entertainment, bringing you more sophisticated technology and superior service, practically across the board.

Satellite TV vs. Cable — See for Yourself:

Cable vs. Satellite TV Reviews The Largest Satellite TV Providers The Largest National Cables Companies
Exclusive Sports Packages Yes, on DIRECTV No
The most movies in 1080p -
The same format as BluRay™
Yes No
The Most Full-Time HD Channels Yes No
The Undisputed Leader in Sports Yes No
Available to 100% of US Homes Yes No
Customer satisfaction according to cable and satellite TV reviews. According to the 2014 American Customer Satisfaction Index. DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction over all other cable and satellite providers. Aren't you tired of dealing with Cable Companies?

Compare DIRECTV reviews to cable TV and it’s easy to see why you should switch. And when it comes to picking satellite TV, comparison is hardly fair. DIRECTV is America’s #1 Satellite TV service, delivering industry-leading service, the most movies in 1080p and the most full-time HD channels. Plus, DIRECTV is the undisputed leader in sports.

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